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Student Self-Defense Academy

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Student Self-Defense Academy

The Need

Teens and young adults, especially, college freshmen away from their parent’s protection are easy targets for a full range of crimes. 

Our Safe Student Self-Defense training combines strategic decision-making with self-defense skills to stay safe.

Students will develop a ‘fight plan’ to increase awareness and control of their own lives.

They will learn how to develop rock-solid confidence through powerful communication skills, heightened mental awareness, and the self-defense skills to stay safe. 

Young Adult Self-Defense

Our student self-defense program imparts practical skills tailored for real-life situations, setting it apart from sports or karate competitions. In actuality, adversaries dictate the timing, location, and method of their attacks, leaving no room for choice in these critical moments.

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What We Teach in Student Self-Defense Training

In our teen classes, we focus on building fitness, teaching personal boundaries, and honing specialized self-defense techniques. The consistent weekly format allows us to explore a wide range of topics, such as anti-kidnapping and anti-carjacking tactics, ensuring a comprehensive and well-rounded education for our young adult students.

Self-Defense Classes in Rio Rancho