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Real Estate Agent Self-Defense

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Meeting strangers in empty properties is part of a Real Estate agents’ job description.

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Crime by Appointment

Crime by Appointment

The Need


Crime by Appointment

In order to become successful as a Real Estate Agent, you have to put yourself out there and be more “available” to potential clients. 

Bad guys with bad intentions know this.

We will show you appointment setting, client greeting, and personal protection tactics and strategies that are easy to implement and work. 

What You Will Learn in Real Estate Agent Self-Defense Program

Agents in our workshop will learn strategies and tactics that will instantly thwart a bad guy’s plans. Students will also learn simple but highly effective self-defense skills that will stop an attacker in his tracks.

You will also learn about calling 911 and Safety Apps in eye-opening demonstrations in real-time.

Real Estate Agent Self-Defense  Training Program
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Minimizing Risks

Real Estate Agent Self-Defense program educates real estate professionals on minimizing risks and enhancing safety for both themselves and their clients. Students will acquire the skills to evaluate potential hazards and establish safety guidelines for various aspects of their business, including client meetings, open houses, property showings, online interactions, and other related activities.

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