Active Shooter Response Seminar

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Prepare for the unexpected with our Active Shooter Response Seminar.

$20 Two Class Trial Course

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$20 Two Class Trial Course

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The Active Shooter Response Seminar

Gain the vital knowledge and skills needed to respond swiftly and effectively during high-stress situations. Learn crisis communication, evacuation strategies, and self-defense techniques from experienced professionals.


The Need

Developed by a seasoned law enforcement officer with active shooter response training, this program recognizes an unfortunate truth: these threats persist. Attempting to eliminate them entirely or enact laws to suppress them does not work. It’s already illegal. A new law won’t change anything.

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What We Teach

You will certainly learn more than Run, Hide, and Fight. That’s more of a government sound bite than a plan of action.

You will learn tactical methods of choosing hiding spots, evading the shooter, and, if possible engaging the shooter.

Our active shooter response plan instructs individuals on handling not just armed assailants with guns but also those wielding alternative weapons like knives or blunt objects.

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